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8/8/2015 – KinoRox is pleased to announce it’s new project JULIA BLUE! 

Check out the details, videos AND PLEASE DONATE to the indiegogo campaign to push this film into the stratosphere!   The Link to DONATE is HERE!

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Ukraine, 2015. JULIA, an accomplished university student, finds her life disrupted after falling in love with ENGLISH,  a soldier fresh from the eastern front.


Feisty and hard-working, 22 year-old student, JULIA, is confronted with the harsh realities of life in contemporary, war-torn Ukraine. Relentless with her studies, she wins a coveted scholarship to a University abroad.  As Julia secretly prepares for a new world outside of Kyiv, she meets a young, edgy, soldier from Donetsk, known as ENGLISH.

Together, Julia and English navigate through contemporary Kyiv; a world of babushka’s, volunteers, soldiers, hipsters, nationalists and VIP’s. Ultimately, they choose to break away from the city, escaping to the Carpathian mountains, where a new set of realities determine each of their fates.

A character-driven drama, Julia Blue will dive into the psyche of a determined twenty-something and a damaged war hero. The stories authenticity is highlighted by the richly detailed and captivating world of its’ unique location.

Writer/Director/Producer – Roxy Toporowych

Cinematographer – Sashko Roshchyn



Making movies about all things Ukrainian and “Slavic-centric” since 2004, KinoRox Productions is venturing into independent feature film territory with a Ukrainian-language feature, JULIA BLUE, shooting in Ukraine, Fall 2015.

(This is my friend. He doesn’t know he is cast in the film yet…)


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